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Lisa Rinna Fires Back at Fans Who Said She’s Too Old for Coachella: ‘Honey, I Made Serious Bank’


Lisa Rinna doesn’t care of you think she is “too old” to attend the Coachella music festival.

While appearing on Watch What Happens Live Tuesday, Andy Cohen brought forward the fact that Rinna, 55, and her Real Homemakers of Beverly Hills costars Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave were recently called out by fans for being “too old” to attend Coachella.

In response to the agist remarks from the weekend, Rinna fired back by explaining that not only was she attending the music celebration with her friends and kids, but she was also making money in the process.

“You know what? Listen, here’s the thing: if I breathe, I get judged at this phase, ” the star, who rocked a sleek ponytail instead of her usual bob, argued.

“I get paid to go for Amazon — I’m usually there — but I got a check, honey! Honey, I built serious bank by going, ” she went on, before turning her attention immediately to the camera. “F– you guys, I attained serious bank! F– the trolls, f– you, trolls! ”

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“I’m not kidding … I made a f– fortune, ” Rinna added.

The star also claimed that attending the music festival wasn’t out of the ordinary for her, as she has been there for the past six years with daughters Amelia, 17, and Delilah, 20.

“I’m always there for the kids — I’ve been going down for last six years, ” she explained, before jokingly boasting, “But guess who made some fund this time, honey? ”

Over the weekend, Richards, 50, shared a selfie with her RHOBH costars at the music celebration and jokingly referred to the ladies as “chaperones.”

One fan, however, appeared to take Richards’ joke to heart and left a mean comment on one of the festival photos, calling out the women’s ages.

“To old for the s- go home grandmas, ” the fan wrote in the comments segment of Richards’ photo which she posted on Instagram.

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“It’s too *, ” Richards responded, correcting the troll’s grammar. “And you’re sitting home doing what? ”

Fans speedily flooded Richards’ post with supportive commentaries after the fan interaction, with one commenting “mic drop” to Richards’ response.

“People are genuinely mean sorry about that you guys look fabulous, ” another wrote.

Internet trolls aren’t the only thing that Rinna has recently been speaking out about.

On Tuesday’s episode of RHOBH, Rinna got into an debate with Camille Grammer after she defended Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh as he faced allegations of sexual assault.

Camille argued that she related to the judge because she had ensure lies spread about her publicly following her contentious divorce from ex-husband Kelsey Grammer.

“I empathize with what Brett Kavanaugh is going through. I’ve been in that posture. I know what it’s like to be wrongfully accused and humbled all over the world for lies, ” Camille said. “It feels horrible to be in that position. I’ve been the victim of a smear campaign and it hurts.”

Rinna, whose mother Lois has virtually been a victim of sexual assault herself, then clapped back at Camille’s response and asked, “Do you not believe her though? Do you not believe this woman? ”

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“You don’t believe her for get up in front of the f–ing world and telling this story, and not get anything out of it , nothing? Camille, she’s a doctor! ” she continued. “He’s going to be a judge on our court for the rest of his f–ing life and that is a very big thing.”

After speaking out on the episode, Rinna posted several screenshots on her Instagram Story Wedneday from fans who had reached out and praised her for sharing her mother’s story.

“To all of the brave souls who have reached out after the episode, we see you, we hear you, ” Rinna wrote. “You are not alone. We believe you.”

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