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The Purpose of an Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are heroes in our society. They fail for the rest of us.~ Nassim Taleb

Yes, entrepreneurs are indeed heroes. Ultimately, entrepreneurs are about initiative and responsibility for risk.

However, at a fundamental level, entrepreneurs are problem solvers. They own the difficult problems others are reluctant to carry. There are a sea of equivocal problems that entrepreneurs solve 😛 TAGEND

Raising money Making payroll Securing property bargains Making deals Collecting Creating Driving awareness Protecting assets Managing difficult people Upholding a reputation

When you decide to start or grow a business, the challenges will be endless. Your plans will meet adversity. People won’t play along. Things can get difficult quick.

Ultimately, your ability to solve problems is what makes progress in the midst of chaos.

Here’s what is important for the journey 😛 TAGEND

Lead yourself first. Establish health routines. Take care of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self. Every day without skipping. You need to be dialed in and ready for problems with ingenuity and staman. Always be growing. You require a varied quantity of abilities that are largely dynamic, perhaps non-descript. Learn to be adept with people. Take care of details. Manage marketings and projects. Be a master recruiter. A bad hire will send your business completely sideways. Hire slowly and fire speedily. Don’t rationalize. Always be clear. Your clarity matters more than everyone else’s. It also keeps you going towards a objective with perseverance and energy. This is a continuous process. Create systems. System keep your output consistent. They are not flippant or inconsistent. You require people systems, sales systems, personal systems and financial systems.

In the end, an entrepreneur knows they are in the business of problem solving. If you’re not welcoming or foreseeing problems, then you won’t make it as an entrepreneur.

It’s a heroic, and many times, thankless journey. But the rewards are immense.

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