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How Your Restaurant Can Champion the Instagram Game (Festive Season Special)


Restaurant Instagram Holiday Marketing Tips

By Joseph Brady, Senior Director of Digital Marketing, Reliant Funding

If you’re the owner of a successful restaurant, you’re probably not new to promoting your business on social media — especially Instagram. Whether you handle social media yourself or outsource marketing to an bureau, you’ve always got to be ahead of your competitors in what, how and when you post it. Putting the best day and hour aside( subtleties we’ll get to afterwards ), the best season to promote yourself on Instagram is the festive one. Holidays and galas are in abundance between October to January and it’s up to you, to build the most of them and champion the Instagram game.

PR squirrelsTo be the best at Instagram, it’s important to build appeal to those who use the app. Instagram is close to touching nearly 1 billion active users and it’s a number that’s on the increases, stimulating it one of the most used social media apps. We’ve compiled a listing of the things your eatery should tick off to genuinely optimize your eatery activity and outreach on the app.

Pre-Season Boost First Things First …

Switch to a business profile account if you haven’t done so yet. While switching to a business profile account itself is free, additional features may cost you a small amount, but it’s a good investment to get your business find. With a business profile, you are able to connect your Instagram account to your Facebook business account, get insights on how your business is doing on Instagram, and even easily create ads to promote on Instagram.

Beat to the’ Punch’

Create a new and changing menu over this season. Add some bright new dishes and drinks that are sure to bring people flocking to your store, and take photographs of what you’re selling. Millennials and Gen-Z love to experimentation with new food. Rest assured, if you make something genuinely spectacular, it will pick up traction on social media.

Thanksgiving. Restaurants these days stay open on Thanksgiving Day, and yours could offer Thanksgiving courses including a turkey, sides, and desserts such as different pies. Include a vegetarian option for Thanksgiving such as salads, roasted cauliflower, and stuffed mushrooms. Above all, keep a warm and welcoming ambience that’s visually appealing and brings a feeling of home to your customers.

Include a corner for kids to dress up as pilgrims and turkeys to share on your Instagram and promote the holiday! Add beverages like a Maple Perfect Manhattan, or a Cranberry Champagne Cocktail in your menu. You can even try non-alcoholic twists or create a November sister to the pumpkin-spiced latte.

Christmas. Christmas is one of the most loved holidays. And what’s not to love? Wrapping presents, decorating the tree, and the endless illuminates. Make a menu to bring the Christmas cheer to your customers.

Include dishes like a Caprese Christmas Wreath or Ham& Cheese Pinwheels which have been claimed to be one of the best things ever feed. If these dishes don’t go with the theme of your restaurant, don’t fret! Anything that keeps up with the Christmas theme, employs red and green colors, sprinkles, gingerbread and is eye-popping should certainly catch the eye of Instagram users. Incorporate the theme in even your regular dishes and show off what your guests can look forward to on your page.

Christmas restaurant Instagram ihop christmas instagram

New Years. New Years is entailed for food. Several cultures around the world celebrate the daybreak of a new beginning with different foods to symbol different things .~ ATAGEND Special cakes and bread are the most common, long noodles( represent long life ), field peas( represent coins ), herring( represents abundance) and pork( represent good luck ). Market foods that will bring good luck in the year ahead to your guests and welcome them to try it at your restaurant!

New Years is also big for food delivery, so having a delivery alternative will help boost sales.

In summary, include dishes and drinkings to bring a wow factor to your eatery and get people buzzing to take paintings and post on their Instagram- talking about the food and talking about your restaurant.

A Holiday Story

Still don’t know exactly what your guests would like best? Ask them! Create an Instagram template that asks your followers their preferences in a subtle and fun route. Ask them what their favorite part of the season is, whether they prefer this or that, what’s their favorite thing to eat and drink during the holidays etc. Ask your adherents to screenshot the template, fill it out and post it on their stories. Remind them to tag your eatery so you are able to check out their answers and plan out your menu to surprise them.

instagram christmas template instagram christmas template

You can also use Instagram’s Ask or Poll features, too, for faster& most direct feedback.

One-Stop Photospot

Create the perfect Instagram-worthy location. Whether it’s a natural situate or you set up an artificial wall with decorations, make it the perfect background for your guests to click pics up and post. It can be something cheesy for adults like garmenting up like Santa and elves, or a gingerbread home corner for people to decorate. As long as it packs a wow factor, it will be memorable and talked about by your guests and their friends.

The best part of creating something really amazing is that it will keep your guests eager for the next holidays to assure what your restaurant has to offer.

restaurant decorations instagram

Play the Tease

Now that you have your festive menu and adornments all planned out, it’s time to tease your fuests& followers with what to look forward to during the holidays. Post stories( or go Live !) where you’re planning the menu and decorating the store. Demonstrating followers the work and endeavor you put into holiday planning can also intrigue them more into what you’re cooking up.

Create polls and quizzes and let them interact with the goings on at your eatery to stir up an interest to pay your restaurant a visit. You can even put up posts utilizing term plays or crosswords in posts, asking people to comment and guess what new items are being added on the menus. Offer discounts or surprises to the first X number of people to guess it right. Hold challenges and contests on Instagram and offer giveaways to the winners.

Let the Holidays Begin! Post with the Most

The weeks building up to Thanksgiving and “Drinksgiving, ” Christmas and the New Years is going to be eventful in celebrations. In other words, Instagram feeds are going to be very crowded. Don’t be disheartened! Start ahead and post everyday posts about the holidays and what’s happening at your eatery. Stimulate yourself a familiar name and when the holidays come around, people will certainly want to drop by your store.

Use the right filters, use other Instagram editor apps and scheme out every post. Don’t be afraid to use holiday-themed puns in your captions. The cornier the better!

Hash Browns and Hashtags

It’s critical to do a proper research on the hashtags used during the festive season. Including those in your posts can be the biggest thing to make organic impressions and build a maximum outreach. Even one hashtag can average 12.6% more engagement than posts without them.

Repost, Repost, Repost

Ask guests to tag your restaurant when they share scenes on Instagram. When they do, the best route to build a following is to re-post what they have shared. This will attain your guests& followers feel appreciated, and stimulate them want to return to your restaurant.

You can even start a hashtag such as #’yourbusinessname’Thanksgiving and anyone who uses the hashtag in a post and start writing what they enjoyed the most at your eatery can get a pitcher of soda or an appetizer for free next time they visit.

restaurant instagram repost

It’s All About the Timing

Although you may have epic Instagram posts, you may ascertain that they aren’t reaching the participation levels “youre trying to” build. That’s why it’s important to plan out when you post use Instagram tools that will plan it out for you. Check out tools like Later, Agorapulse, and Autogrammer to help you out with this.

Food Bloggers

Reach out to food bloggers with a loyal amass following. Bloggers with anywhere between 20 k-3 0k adherents have a good reach and wouldn’t be too heavy on the wallet either. They’re the very best opportunity of getting a good reach to new guests and would be happy to post about your restaurant.

Instagram is one of the best tools to push your restaurant and attract a large audience during the holidays. Lowering your prices, offering discounts and giveaways may seem like you’re “losing ones” business integrity, but it’s worth the brand awareness it constructs around your restaurant .

Don’t be afraid to skimp out on any step devoted here, and if you feel you’re digging too deep in your pockets, you can always take a financing option to help you out. And the key rule of Instagram? Don’t be afraid to show off and do so extravagantly! You’re both the very best cheerleader, and now the champ of the Instagram game.

Joseph BradyAbout the Author Joseph Brady is Senior Director of Digital Marketing for Reliant Funding, a provider of short-term working capital to small and mid-sized industries nationwide. He has more than 14 years of experience in B2B digital marketing, optimization and operations, with a focus in the financial services market.

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